Is WordRake Compatible with "New Outlook for Windows"?

Microsoft has announced that, beginning 2024, they are discontinuing the free “Mail” and “Calendar” apps included with Windows and replacing them with a new app, “Outlook for Windows.” The new app will be free of charge and appears to be a stripped-down version of the Office 365/Microsoft 365 version of Outlook available through web browsers. As such, Outlook for Windows does not feature compatibility with add-ins like WordRake. We don’t expect this to impact existing WordRake customers, since they already have Office 365/Microsoft 365, which includes the full-featured version of Outlook compatible with WordRake.

The Outlook for Windows app is available for some Windows users prior to the official 2024 rollout, as a preview. Note that existing WordRake customers trying the preview version of Outlook for Windows won’t be able to use WordRake while using this preview version of Outlook.

If you have any questions about this new alternative version of Outlook, our friendly product support team is happy to help.

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