How WordRake for Word Works with Microsoft Word's Track Changes

WordRake 3 changes how WordRake interacts with Microsoft Word's Track Changes. Using Track Changes "Accept" or "Reject" buttons will no longer work on WordRake edits. To accept or reject WordRake edits, a user must have WordRake installed and active. (If a document has unevaluated edits and WordRake is expired, the "Reject All" button is available to remove edits.)

If the document will be reviewed and/or edited by additional editors:

  1. Rake the document using WordRake
  2. Turn on Track Changes.  
  3. Evaluate WordRake editing suggestions using Accept or Reject controls.  Edits should now show as a tracked change, which other editors may then review and accept/reject using the Track Changes functions.  

Document with WordRake suggestions:


Document with tracked changes:

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