How WordRake for Word Works with Microsoft Word's Track Changes: Windows

WordRake 4.0 (for Microsoft Windows) changes how WordRake interacts with Microsoft Word's Track Changes. Using Track Changes Accept or Reject buttons will no longer work on WordRake edits. To accept or reject WordRake edits, a user must have WordRake installed and active. (If a document has unevaluated edits and WordRake is expired, the Reject All button is available to remove edits.)

If the document will be reviewed and/or edited by additional editors:

  1. Rake the document using WordRake.
  2. Turn on Track Changes.  
  3. Evaluate WordRake editing suggestions using WordRake's Accept or Reject controls. Edits should now show as tracked changes, which other editors may then review and accept or reject using the Track Changes functions.  

Document with WordRake suggestions:


Document with tracked changes:

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