License Failures

There are a few different reasons why a WordRake license could fail to activate the product:

1. Proxy Servers: if your company uses a proxy server to filter communications over the internet, this can block the communication with our license server and prevent the license from activating. You might see the error code "Activation Failed" after putting in the license key. There are a couple of ways to get around this:

  • Try putting the license key in away from the corporate network, such as on a home WiFi or other free WiFi network (a coffee shop is one good place to try) and see if it will activate. Of course, that only works on a laptop computer.  
  • The corporate IT department can add our domains to the proxy server white list. Please contact WordRake Support for more information. 
  • If you're using a PC or still cannot get the license activated away from the corporate proxy server, please contact WordRake Support, and we'll help you to activate WordRake.

2. The license has already been used: If the license has previously been activated on one computer, it will not work again on any other computer. This may be indicated by a message such as "Signature Invalid" or "Multiple Trial Attempts - Reverting to Previous License". If you've received a new computer, replaced or installed a new hard drive, or upgraded your version of Office or Windows, contact WordRake Support, and we'll update your license key so you can continue to use your WordRake subscription. 

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