Does WordRake Check Grammar or Spelling?

WordRake is designed to edit documents and emails to remove useless phrases and words, making your documents and emails clear and concise. WordRake does not edit grammar or spellingthese functions are already included in Microsoft Word. Depending on your version of Word, you may be able to check grammar and spelling in your document by clicking on the Check Document button on the WordRake ribbon. You may access the grammar settings used by Microsoft Word's Editor by clicking the Grammar Settings button on the WordRake ribbon (in incompatible versions of Word, the Check Document and Grammar Settings buttons will not be visible):


This will bring up the Grammar Settings dialog, which will allow you to customize preferences such as the level of formality in your writing or punctuation conventions like the use of Oxford commas:


To run the Microsoft Word Editor, switch to the Review or Home ribbon and click the Editor button.

At this time, WordRake only works for the English language.

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