Upgrade to WordRake 4.0 to Avoid Problems with Automatically Renewing Subscriptions

One major change in WordRake 4.0 is how subscriptions are managed. Since October 4, 2022, WordRake users have been offered automatically renewing yearly subscriptions. It’s important that users with these subscriptions upgrade to WordRake 4.0, because on older versions of the software, the payment for your automatically renewing subscription will continue to be charged, but the software won’t be able to renew your license on your computer, which will go into an expired state after the first subscription period even if your subscription is still active. To avoid this problem, all users with automatically renewing subscriptions and an older version of WordRake need to update to the latest version.


If you are not sure which version of WordRake you have, go here.


If you have a subscription license for WordRake and you have installed WordRake 4.0, you will see the Manage Subscription link in the License box that pops up when you click the License button:


Click Manage Subscription to cancel your subscription (your license will be good through the end of the current period, but will not automatically renew at that time) or to update your payment method and/or billing address.

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